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Hyde Park Corner is where The Jameson Distillery on Tour Winter Edition kicks off this May. the amazing process behind every drop of triple distilled, smooth tasting of Jameson Whiskey will be revealed to whiskey lovers… and those who are whiskey-curious too!

The Jameson Distillery on Tour Experience hosts a series of tailored, interactive experiences highlighting Jameson’s Irish heritage and craft that stretches over 240 years, hosted by knowledgeable brand ambassadors who embody the jovial Jameson spirit.

The experience is packed with explosive sensory moments, rich flavours and ample space for making new connections all on the roof top of one of Johannesburg’s most iconic shopping centres! The tour allows every guest to truly experience what makes Jameson Irish Whiskey unique.

Grab a bite to eat at one of Hyde Park Corner’s many restaurants or enjoy a more casual meal from the sensational food trucks at the event. Of course, a night out wouldn’t be the same without some A-list local music acts. Click here to view the full music line-up for each day.

Now is the time to save the date, find the perfect outfit (hint: Hyde Park Corner is a fashion mecca, so we’ve got you covered there) and join us to discover Jameson like you’ve never experienced it before. The Jameson Distillery on Tour is the ultimate whiskey immersion for enthusiasts and novices alike, through tailored, interactive experiences which reveal the process behind creating the world’s smoothest Irish whiskey.

VENUE: Hyde Park Corner Rooftop, corner of William Nicol Drive and Jan Smuts Avenue in Hyde Park

DATES: Open Thursday, 18 May to Sunday, 21 May 2023 and Thursday, 25 May to Sunday, 28 May


Thursdays: 17h30 to 23h00

Fridays: 15h30 to 23h00

Saturdays: 15h30 to 23h00

Sundays: 13h30 to 21h00

TICKETS: Tickets can be purchased via Computicket

Please note: No under 18s permitted for this event.

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I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Siv and his progression from stand-up comedian to television host showcases what is possible with passion, dedication and an authentic voice. Sivuyile “Siv” Ngesi is one of South Africa’s most vibrant and versatile entertainers, possessing a multitude of talents that have allowed him to make significant impacts in the South African entertainment industry, traversing a remarkable path as an entertainer, evolving from humble beginnings as a stand-up comedian to hosting acclaimed television shows and establishing a production company “Our CompanY” that creates award-winning content for South African audiences.


MUZI: How has your journey been so far, and what would you consider your career highlight? From being a child star to presenting shows such as The Man Cave and Global travel show Wing It, to producing TV shows and plays at the National Arts Festival that received nominations for the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA.

SIV: Throughout my career, I have accomplished several noteworthy achievements and received multiple awards nominations. It is challenging to pinpoint a single career highlight; instead, I see all my experiences as part of my journey. Winning my first South African Film and Television Award after being nominated for three consecutive years for best presenter was undoubtedly one of my highlights. Being able to go on that stage, thank my mother, thank my friends, and truly celebrate and share a message on national television meant a great deal to me. Working with Viola Davis on The Women King was simply a groundbreaking experience and being part of that film. Thus, those two moments were definitely some of my favourite career highlights.

MUZI: What are you currently busy with?

SIV: I recently completed filming a movie for both the big screen and Amazon and in a few weeks I’ll be working on a Netflix project followed by producing a couple of movies that I will also be acting in. We’re getting in front of and behind the camera as much as possible, creating content and opportunities. Significant projects are on the horizon both internationally and locally.

MUZI: As someone who has followed you on social media, I know you share your genuine views, not what others expect. Many criticise you for it. How do you handle cyberbullying, especially from trolls?

SIV: Firstly, many judge me from all sides and it’s none of my business. Dogs only bark at moving cars, never parked ones. As soon as you’re doing nothing with your life, people have nothing to say, but when you start moving forward, people have things to say. So people’s opinions mean little to me except for those I’m close to, so I carry on doing what I want to do, I live my truth and my authentic truth. Cyberbullying is an issue, they do try it with me all the time, the internet is giving people a platform to put others down without showing their face. I actually miss the old days when someone says something, there were consequences.

MUZI: You mentioned in one of your interviews that you are really passionate about drag, which piques my interest; how did this come about?

SIV: I’ve always been fascinated by drag performance and any artistic form that allows people to express their creativity. For a long time, I observed drag from afar before participating myself. Many people don’t realise how difficult and important of an art form drag is, and how individuals around the world who try to make being queer illegal, especially throughout Africa. Therefore, for me, drag is just a very important art form that needs to be protected at all costs, and I have been performing drag for about two and a half years now, an experience that has transformed the person I am today.

MUZI: Finally, where to from here, and how do you want to be remembered?

SIV: There is plenty more to come, with lots of content production for various channels around the globe. I’ve been able to hire people and I look forward to hiring more talented friends to create films and television series that will show the world what is possible in South Africa. I’m so passionate about not just being remembered for my talents, but for changing lives.


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When it comes to models, the female counterparts often get all of the attention, but male models need to be recognised as well. Our most recent model of the moment feature spotlights a promising male model with a relatively fresh face. Meet Nkululeko Mbatha, a former Durban University of Technology student and now employed there. Nkululeko came in first place for Mister Supranational South Africa 2023. We caught up with Nkululeko to learn more about him.

MUZI: Who is Nkululeko Mbatha? (brief history).

NKULULEKO: I am a 28 year old, originally from Ulundi, the capital of the Zulu Kingdom in the north coast of KwaZulu-Natal. I was raised by my maternal grandmother, as my mother passed away when I was around 6 years old and I never had a close relationship with my father. Well, that connection is nearly non-existent, but that is a story for another day. 

I hold a Bachelor of Technology degree in Public Relations (PR) and Communications Management from Durban University of Technology (DUT) and am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration there. I also work as a professional model.

MUZI: You are currently signed with Boss Models Management. How did you end up in the modelling business?

NKU: I was scouted by Boss Models in 2018, after I did some campaigns with Mobicell. People saw potential in me and I followed that. I’m one person who truly believes that people wouldn’t say great things to you or see potential in you unless it is really there. So that is how I ended up in modelling and in the influencing business. I’m a micro-influencer, gigs hardly come by, but I certainly enjoy each and every chance I get whenever I’m afforded one. I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot, modelling and influencing concurrently.

MUZI: You placed first runner-up in Mr. Supranational South Africa 2023, what is Mr. Supranational SA and why did you compete in the pageant? 

NKU: So it has always been my dream to go on an international stage, and unfortunately me being first runner up means I cannot go yet. The reason I’m saying this is because it’s a dream I’m not willing to give up just yet. Probably going back in the next year or two. I’ve got some things that I need to work on, things that I need to improve on, so that whenever I am selected to go internationally, I am ready to tackle the other gents from other countries. 

This pageant inspires and aspires men. One key aspect is “From the Ground Up” project, like mine – donations for scientific calculators for kids in rural, underdeveloped communities. I won’t stop helping them. Not just calculators, but any assistance I can provide, I will. Growing up there, I know how much help means. When someone offers aid, it means so much. 

MUZI: What did you gain from that pageant experience? 

NKU: The experience reinforced the importance of brotherhood, especially among men. Rarely do groups of men gather and engage in substantive discussions that foster personal development. Therefore, I am profoundly grateful for that opportunity. It considerably boosted my self-confidence as well, as I had never performed on a national stage previously. I gained valuable insights into teamwork, support, and pushing one another to achieve more than any individual likely could alone. The bonds formed and memories created will endure for years to come.

MUZI: What are you actively working on currently and what can we anticipate from Nkululeko Mbatha in the future? 

NKU: So many things have changed. I am now 28 years old, so my perspective in life has shifted from the person I was in 2019. I am currently finishing off my Masters degree hopefully within a year or two, I’ll be finished. I’m seeking another international trip, merely as a retreat for the work that I’ve accomplished, because I genuinely believe in rewarding myself. Besides, I work for a communications department at one of the learning institutions in KZN. 

On my part, I’m cultivating myself mentally and physically, which I truly believe is highly empowering, especially for a young man like myself who is willing to assist others, because as they say, you cannot pour from an empty vessel. For me to be able to aid others, I must ensure that I have aided myself first, which doesn’t necessarily imply that I do everything myself. I also derive strength from elsewhere. So at times, I must return to that particular place, even though it’s non-existent, yet it means I have to work on myself before I can even venture out and help others. So that’s essentially it. And well, profoundly grateful to, well, everyone who was extremely supportive. I really felt it. That made me stay visible on social media. The love and support I received as well. It really made me feel like a human being that is loved by many.



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South Africa’s highly anticipated spin-off of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop finally made its debut on February 27, 2023. Showcasing an array of well-known personalities such as DJ Speedsta, singer J Molley, rappers Da L.E.S, Gigi Lamayne, Money Badoo, Yanga Chief, Shane Eagle, and Fifi Cooper in the hip-hop scene, viewers have been captivated as they watch how the cast grapple with personal and professional issues. Recently Istyleblaq had the chance to interview Fifi Cooper about joining Love & Hip Hop SA’s cast, her fourth new single titled ‘Ngeke’ featuring Lwah Ndlunkulu, and potential future projects.

MUZI: We are excited that you are a cast member of MTV’s Love and Hip Hop South Africa, and we have been following your successful music journey. What prompted you to go into reality television? How has your experience been thus far? 

FIFI: As an entertainer and creative, I never anticipated getting into reality television. However, when the production team approached me, I felt it was the right time to try something new. I am incredibly appreciative that they chose me out of the many hip-hop artists in the country; it made me realise how much I have contributed to the hip-hop industry. 

My experience so far has been unique for me. There are activities that I wouldn’t normally do, yet we often get to chill together and see different aspects of people’s lives. Being around someone like GiGi all the time is strange but also fascinating; I’m inspired to see others succeed and make a positive impact on hip-hop culture. Ultimately, I’m thoroughly enjoying my experience with reality TV.

MUZI: What do you want to get out of this experience? 

FIFI: Most importantly, I want to reconnect with my followers. I haven’t been dropping as much and a lot of people haven’t heard from me in a while, so I feel like this is a major platform; it’s allowing me to interact with my fans and for them to see what I’m up to and what I’m busy with, which is what I want to achieve from this experience.

MUZI: How important is private life or private space to you as a public figure?

FIFI: People know that I’m a very private person, so it’s no surprise that my private life and space are really important to me. I’m always focused on my work, because I’d rather have people talk about that than talk about my personal relationships or my private life. But as an entertainer, sometimes it’s nice to let my fans get to know me a little bit more and not just give them the music.

MUZI: I’m sure there will be some drama and intense confrontations during the show. Do you think cameras impact people’s behaviour or actions? How genuine is the content on this show?

FIFI: I’m not sure. That’s crazy. The one thing I know and am certain of is that I am myself and that I am giving the people who I am 100%. I can’t speak for other people because they aren’t folks I generally hang out with, so I wouldn’t remark, “Why are you acting differently?” However, I’ve known GiGi for a long time, even before the show. Sometimes I feel like I don’t understand her when the cameras are on, so I’m still getting to know her as a person before I can say she’s different on camera, but with the content, it is obviously up to production on what they put together and give the people because we can take the whole night shooting a scene and they choose a five-minute snippet from the entire thing. I think it’s also them giving people what they want to see. At the end of the day, this is a new experience for me so I am also still learning about how it is to be part of a reality TV show. 

MUZI: Congratulations on your fourth new single titled ‘Ngeke’ featuring Lwah Ndlunkulu, can we talk about that? How did the collaboration come about?

FIFI: I’m a big fan of collaboration between women – I think when they come together they can create something really powerful. When I heard Lwah’s music, I loved the fact that she was so confident in her language. As a Motswako rapper, I rap in Setswana so this collaboration was perfect for me. I’ve known Big Zulu for a long time, and Lwah even before their first song together – so to work with her on this album was amazing for me. We did such a great job with this song, and I hope everyone loves it – it’s truly special.

MUZI: Finally, what can we expect from FiFi Cooper in the future?

FIFI: I’m really excited to share that my album, Chapters, is dropping soon! It’s got awesome features and amazing production. I’ll be announcing the release date on my social media pages soon, so stay tuned! It’s been a while since I’ve released music, so I’m really looking forward to giving it to the people who have been asking for it.

Watch Love And Hip Hop South Africa every Saturdays at 18.00 CAT on MTV (DStv channel 130), now also available to DStv Family subscribers.