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We spoke with DJ and producer Cade Pieterse, known as JustCade about his journey from casually DJing for friends and family to securing residency at some of the hottest clubs in Johannesburg. Pieterse now plays regularly at top venues including Rockets Bryanston, Altitude Beach, Cocoon lounge and Monarch Sandton. On his way to prominence on the local circuit, he has performed alongside renowned DJs.

How did you get into the music and DJing business?

I’ve always been passionate about music and enjoyed discovering new tunes. I started DJing for family and friends, and people saw I had a knack for it and told me to give DJing a real go. So I started hitting up different clubs to meet people and see what the scene was like. Fast forward to now and I’ve spun tracks at some awesome clubs and lit parties around town and abroad too.

Who are your inspirations / who do you look up to in the industry?

I look up to people like Ralph Gum, DJ Kent and DJ stokie. I’m also inspired by Kabza DE Smalls and DJ Maphorisa. Starting from nothing, they built a hugely successful business. They took Amapiano to another level and have been celebrated locally and abroad. It’s truly amazing to see their humble beginnings and success.

Some of your career highlights thus far?

There have been so many career highlights, it’s hard to pick just one. But playing at an opera gig recently was really cool. I’ve also enjoyed my gigs in some African countries, especially my recent show in Eswatini. I’m looking forward to playing at Nostra soon too.

What other projects are you working on?

I am currently working with a marketing company that specialises in macro-level events and promotions to connect small businesses with their ideal clientele and networks. Our services aim to strategically align establishments with their target audiences and key stakeholders through comprehensive marketing and branding solutions.

Catch DJ Just Cade at Monarch Sandton and Cocoon lounge every Friday night.


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The brand new reality show “Life with Moshe Ndiki” premiered last Sunday, giving viewers a 10-episode glimpse into his journey into fatherhood. There is great excitement around this show as Moshe is widely considered one of the most charming and gifted entertainers, having skillfully captivated audiences with his infectious energy and comedic talent. In a candid interview, Ndiki shared further details with me about opening up his life to viewers through the new program.

What led you into reality TV and what was the overall experience like?

It was a challenging experience as I was the only one in the cast who works in television. Making my family comfortable while being followed by cameras during vulnerable moments and tough conversations was one of our biggest challenges. We took it in stride. In terms of reality TV, the show is timely, focusing on educating people about surrogacy and the experience of black love and relationships.

The show appears to be quite authentic, and you are candid about your personal life; was this easy for you to do?

Sharing my life story on a structured platform like this really wasn’t difficult for me at all. For most of my life I’ve been pretty open on social media. So putting it all out there in a more organised way wasn’t really a challenge. I’m an open book kind of person – I don’t have any problem being vulnerable and real with people. It was easy for me to lay it all out there.

How important is private life or private space to you as a public figure?

I try to keep work and home life separate, work is work and home is home. Since my job is pretty public facing, it can be easy for those lines to get blurred. But I do my best to compartmentalise. When I’m at home, I want to be the best partner, son, dad – focus on those relationships. And when I’m at work, I put my energy into being a good TV host, producer, and all that. It’s important to me to have a divide so I can fully commit to each role.

What do you want to get out of this experience?

So this reality TV show is trying to educate not just LGBTQI folks who want to be parents, but also straight couples who are trying to have kids. It wants to raise awareness about the whole IVF process and culture around it. The overall goal is to give people hope that becoming parents through methods like IVF is definitely possible.

Catch “Life With Moshe Ndiki” on the Mzansi Magic channel 161, at 7:00 PM every Sunday evening.

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Mzansi Magic’s Brand-New Telenovela, Champions Starts Tonight!

So, if you’re into local telenovelas like me, be sure to check out Mzansi Magic’s new show Champions tonight at 7pm on channel 161. It’s supposed to be really good! The cast looks amazing – Sello Maake ka-Ncube, Tumisho Masha and Jo-anne Reyneke are all in it. A couple reasons to tune in – the theme song is by Afro-soul artist Keabetswe “KB” Motsilanyane and they’ve got actors like former soccer player Brighton Mhlongo and Ntobeko Mathebula playing a talented football player. Make sure you don’t miss the first episode about passion, love, power and perseverance airing tonight.

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I first came across Aphile Carter a few years ago when he walked in the Africa Fashion International Fashion Week (AFI) show in Sandton. He had very distinctive features and a cool, confident presence on the catwalk like a cool model. Fast forward a few years, he now walks for international and local designers during South Africa Fashion Week and AFI. He’s also shot some really cool editorial campaigns.

Getting into modelling can feel like a daunting exercise. How did you break into the modelling industry, and how has your experience been so far?

I started modelling in high school as a hobby. I enjoyed it and knew it was something I wanted to pursue professionally. I got my big break when fashion designer Quiteria Kekane invited me to walk in his show at Cape Town Men’s Fashion Week and recommended me to international agencies. This led to being invited to London to shoot for Vogue magazine, launching my international career. My experience in the modelling industry has been both challenging and fulfilling. It gave me confidence and self-esteem, as I had been bullied as a child for my appearance.

What are some of the campaigns or collaborations that you have enjoyed working with?

Locally, I’ve enjoyed working with the incredible MaXhosa team. As a proud Xhosa, it was an honour to see their behind-the-scenes process and Laduma Ngxokolo in action – it was inspiring. Internationally, my best work was shooting YSL in Venice, Italy. It was on a private island with 5-star treatment, private jets, and everything. Just being in Venice was amazing. I also enjoyed working with Balmain when they launched their store at Sandton City Diamond Walk.

Are you modelling full-time? 

The past few years been juggling student life and a modelling career, I’m graduating and completed my degree in strategic communications and Journalism and that has been challenging balancing the two because modelling full-time is very demanding but it definitely taught me how to increase my capacity and stretch myself and I have managed to carry on and it’s testament to my work ethic and everything I do I give it my all.

What are some of the highs and lows in the modelling industry?

The best part of the industry is travelling and I really enjoy it. Every time I’m on the road or a plane, it feels like something positive is about to happen or change in my life. I’ve seen so many beautiful places and worked with some cool designers. The behind-the-scenes of fashion is fascinating to see. However, the industry judges based on looks, requiring one’s best appearance at all times, which is difficult as humans have moments of weakness. Not booking a job due to look or client preference can affect self-esteem.

Finally, what are you currently busy with?

I’m graduating soon and really excited about it. I also recently had a good meeting with my agency and new management team to get this year started off right. I’m really looking forward to everything this year will bring.