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Wild Zambezi – The battle for our world’s last nature strongholds has begun

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June is Environmental Month and one way to celebrate is by watching the 4-part docu-series Wild Zambezi at select Ster Kinekor Cinemas. It will be screened on Sundays and Tuesdays from June 9th through July 2nd,and narrated by Dr John Kani, ahead of the public screenings beginning the Sunday thereafter. I m also giving away double tickets to the premiere on June 5th at Cinema nouveau- just email me. 

The documentary focuses on protecting the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia, one of Africa’s most pristine wilderness areas. However, it faces threats from a proposed copper mine within its boundaries. This mine endangers the park’s wildlife, tourism, and the Zambezi River. It also threatens neighboring protected areas.

For over a decade, Zambian ecologist David Ngwenyama has fought the mine legally, highlighting the urgent need to safeguard Zambia’s natural heritage. The documentary raises important questions about protecting Africa’s national parks and wildlife for future generations.


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Baby Cele Joins Season 2 of Sibongile & The Dlaminis

Did you hear that season 2 of Sibongile & The Dlaminis is coming back on July 29th at 6:30pm on channel 163? It looks like things are gonna get interesting with the addition of Baby Cele’s character, Samkelisiwe. She’s joining as Bab’Ntombela’s sister and it seems like she’s ready to stir things up between her old friends Deliwe and Phetheni.

Samkelisiwe, Deliwe, and Phetheni met years ago as young women who bonded over their shared experience of being scammed. However, Samkelisiwe felt she got the short end of the stick in that friendship. This fuels her motivation for revenge when she returns to disrupt their lives in the new season. 

Baby Cele is a highly talented South African actor who has demonstrated her skills in productions such as Mzansi Magic’s “Ring Of Lies,” “Saints and Sinners,” and most recently “Shaka Ilembe.” Viewers can look forward to seeing how her character Samkelisiwe shakes things up for residents of Ixopo village in the upcoming installment of “Sibongile & The Dlaminis.”

Catch Sibongile & The Dlaminis on July 29th at 6:30pm on channel 163?



Travelling can sometimes be a bit stressful especially if you’re just starting out. Those  seeking to discover the joys of independent travel may find themselves uncertain of how to begin effectively organising their trip. The travel consultants at Seamless Travel Agency are pleased to offer the following recommendations for first-timers to facilitate a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience:

Best places to go for first-time travellers (locally or internationally)

For local trips, we recommend a self-drive that’s 2-3 hours away in the mountains. That way you avoid flights and just need to book a place to stay. 

For international trips, look at places you don’t need a visa for. Countries that require visas often doubt first-time travellers and rejecting visas happens a lot. Getting rejected really messes with your international travel plans.

When deciding to travel, what are some of the things you need to consider?

Weather greatly impacts travel plans. Can you imagine booking a vacation to Mauritius only to have it rain the whole time? That would ruin everything. Also, it’s cheaper to avoid travelling during big holidays, school breaks, and long weekends. Lots of people book way ahead for those dates, so last minute costs can be crazy high if you go then.

Tips for solo travellers?

For individuals embarking on their initial solo trip abroad, we’d really recommend signing up for a guided tour. That way someone else has already taken care of planning your whole itinerary. You don’t have to stress about finding your way around in an unfamiliar place where you might not speak the language. A tour guide will take you everywhere you need to go and explain everything, so you can just relax and enjoy your trip!

What are the advantages of booking a trip through a travel agency?

For first-time travellers, we wouldn’t recommend trying to do it all on your own. There’s just so much that can go wrong when you’re booking travel for the first time. Trips involve many variables that could potentially go awry. Something as minor as misspelling a name or confusing Venice, Italy with Venice Beach in Miami can result in significant unnecessary expenses when arranging travel. 

A travel agent does this for a living, so they know all the little details that can save you a ton of hassle and money. Things like catching a misspelt name before it causes problems at the airport. So, yes it’s definitely worth talking to a professional the first time you plan a vacation, just to make sure everything goes smoothly. They’ve seen all the possible pitfalls and can help you avoid them.

For customised travel packages through Seamless Travel. Please contact one of their experienced travel advisors to inquire about unique itineraries and special offers available, click HERE

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The top 30 hopefuls for Miss South Africa 2024 were recently announced, including two models from SYNC Models Management, Palesa Lombard and Madri van Jaarsveld. This highlights the success of the agency in developing top talent for pageants. 

The agency director, Alessandrio Bergman, credits their team’s dedication and expertise in cultivating the qualities models need for pageant success. Madri and Palesa’s selection reflects the agency’s commitment to refining raw talent and molding contestants into poised individuals, as demonstrated by a couple of previous models who have done really well in the Miss South Africa competition. Beulah Baduza placed in the top 16 of Miss South Africa back in 2019. Then in 2022, Anarzade Omar made it into the top 10 of Miss South Africa.

Here’s More about the contestants;

Palesa Lombard is a 25 year-old medical student from Johannesburg who is fluent in English, French, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Sesotho. She balances her interests in science, art and modeling. Madri van Jaarsveld is a 27 year-old businesswoman from Boksburg with an accounting degree. She describes herself as hardworking, loyal and resilient and wants to continue her late mother’s work helping the disabled community. 

SYNC Models has a long history of placing models in pageants and proud that Palesa and Madri recently made it to the Top 30 Miss South Africa 2024 pageant, looking forward to supporting their future success.


South Africa now is your time to choose your favourites and secure their spot in the TOP 25! &

The first vote is FREE, exclusively on the Miss SA App !

Voting closes on 29th May at 6:00 PM (SAST).

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New Coca-Cola Creations Wozzaah Unleashes the Taste of Africa’s Spirit and Creativity

There has been significant public interest in the giant cube installation recently debuted in Sandton, Johannesburg. The cube posed the question “What does Africa taste like?” to passersby. Well I got to see the big reveal today at Sandton Mall – the place was packed with people eager to find out. Some celebrities were there too, like DJ Zinhle, Lamiez Holworthy, Lasizwe, Nadia Nakai and Nomuzi Mabhena. It was interesting to check out what everyone had been talking about!

Turns out the big reveal was from Coca-Cola announcing their new product launch – African-inspired flavour called Coca-Cola® Wozzaah to celebrate Africa Day. The tropical flavour aims to capture Africa’s vibrant spirit. To promote the launch, Coca-Cola partnered with South African DJ Uncle Waffles and created an online Creations Hub for learning about African countries and cultures. 

Oana Vlad from Coca-Cola said Coca-Cola Wozzaah celebrates Africa’s vibrancy and influence by immersing consumers in the continent’s energy through cultural connections. 

Coca-Cola® Wozzaah is available for a limited time in select markets including South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, and Morocco.

For more information about Coca-Cola® Creations, visit

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If you’ve been to BoomTown like me, you’ll be excited for their next event. Organisers announced ticket sales are open for the upcoming BOOMTOWN experience in South Africa. The event is scheduled to take place on July 6, 2024 at Greyville Racecourse in Durban. BOOMTOWN is known for world-class entertainment, amazing lights and live performances from popular South African artists. Over the years, BOOMTOWN has become the highlight of July weekends. People come for horse racing, fashion and music. Its luxury areas, lounges and activities have made it a place for celebrities from entertainment, sports and business.

“BOOMTOWN presented by Johnnie Walker Blonde epitomises the celebration of life. This year marks our 14th year and we have prided ourselves throughout the past decade on crafting an unparalleled hospitality experience for our esteemed guests. From world-class entertainment to seamless betting stations, an extensive selection of gourmet cuisine, and fully stocked bars, our diverse hospitality packages ensure that every attendee feels like a VIP” stated eventevent organiser Stuart Scott.

Limited tickets for this highly coveted lifestyle experience are available for purchase at Ticketpro. Act fast to secure your spot, as Limited Phase One (Early bird) tickets start at R650. 




Faizel has over 20 years experience in retail and hospitality. He’s travelled a lot to gather experiences and ideas for events. We sat down with him to chat about his journey in the business so far and how much he enjoys bringing all that he’s learned to each new event he works on. Really seems to have a passion for what he does!

So you started David & CO, a leading bespoke events company. How did you get into the events industry in the first place? What made you want to start your own events company?

I was an investment diamond consultant for Browns Jewellers but one of my clients thought I’d be good at event planning. In 2018 we had coffee and he invited me to head up a project at Birchwood, where I brought my unique skills to the events team. After getting laid off in 2020 due to COVID, a new business partnership didn’t work out. That’s when I started my own company, David & CO, but couldn’t rely on my old Birchwood contacts.

I reached out to Offlimit Communications and they gave me my first big project with the Coca Cola Christmas campaign, even though I didn’t really know what I was doing. That’s how David & CO got started and we’re still going strong today.

You’ve worked with some of the biggest clients including Coca Cola, Sunbet and Konka. What would you say was your best event so far? 

My favourite event was the first Konka summer tour. It was held at Thaba Echo and it was my biggest event ever. I led the team really well and that’s where I met Anuq Wilson from Offlimit Communications. She changed everything because she believed in me. She gave me tons of projects. So the Konka tour was definitely my best event!

What skills do you think are necessary for being an event planner?

It’s important to plan your day and stay organised. Based on working with Anuq Wilson, I’ve learned that you need to write everything down – whether it’s in a structure, spreadsheet, or list. Make sure to follow your plan step-by-step from start to finish.

That brings up a good point because we often see the terms “event planning” and “event management”. What’s the difference?

David & CO’s point of difference is that we always make sure clients get what they want, which everyone says they do. But we do it with passion and fun. We see our offices as an extension of the client’s event. When you’re having fun and enjoying what you do, I guarantee the client will feel that happiness in the project too.

What advice would you give someone who is considering being an event planner? 

As an event planner, the best advice I have is to always check availability before presenting to clients. Don’t tell them you have 100 yellow tables if you only have two available that day. Make sure to verify what you have, lock it in for the event date, give the client a lead time, and don’t over promise what you can’t deliver. Always under promise and over deliver.

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The modelling industry now provides more opportunities than ever for individuals to start a career. However, greater opportunities also mean greater potential for new models to be exploited or underpaid. Securing proper representation, usually an agent or agency, can protect models, ensure fair pay, and provide development support. We spoke with Alessandrio Bergman, founder of SYNC Group for the creative industry, who offered insight into the current state of the modelling industry.

Wow, starting one of the top modelling agencies and making the Forbes under 30, that’s quite an accomplishment! What’s the journey been like running your own business?

My entrepreneurial journey has been both challenging and rewarding. Starting a modelling agency from scratch took a lot of hard work, dedication, and resilience. There were many obstacles like building a reliable network and managing finances. But seeing the agency grow, get recognised by Forbes Under 30 and industry leaders makes it all worth it. It’s been a learning experience at each step, teaching invaluable lessons about leadership, perseverance, innovation, and the importance of a strong team.

Why did you choose the modelling industry and what sets your agency apart from other agencies?

I chose modelling to merge my passion for fashion with a goal to promote diversity and redefine beauty standards. I saw an opportunity to create an inclusive space celebrating authenticity and diversity.

What sets my agency apart is our commitment to empowering our models by focusing not only on their professional growth but also on their personal development. We prioritise mental health and provide comprehensive support to ensure our models feel valued and confident. Additionally, our innovative approach to digital marketing and social media has helped our models gain significant visibility and unique opportunities in a competitive industry.”

What are some of the biggest challenges in the modelling industry?

One of the biggest challenges in the modelling industry is untimely payment. Models often have to wait up to three months after completing a job before receiving their salary from the brand. This payment structure can create financial difficulties given today’s economic situation. Addressing late payments is an important issue facing the industry.

Why is it important to have representation from an agency?

Agency representation helps models in several key ways. Models without an agency don’t always know what they should be paid and don’t have much power to negotiate a higher rate. Agencies make sure their models get paid what they deserve since the agency also makes more money that way. They also protect the models legally and only work with good clients so the models always get treated right and work with trustworthy people. Being with an agency opens up more big opportunities too, which leads to more money and chances to advance your career.

Advice to aspiring models looking to get signed by an agency 

When looking for an agency, check how long they’ve been around. Read reviews online and make sure they have a good reputation. Never pay up front – that’s usually a red flag for a scam. Agencies can charge for portfolios, but shouldn’t ask for money initially. Make sure they’re properly licensed too. Also ask for referrals from recent clients so you know they provide good representation.

Hopes for the modelling industry and future for Sync Models 

 I hope our local models will get paid the same as international ones soon. It would be great to see them walking in big shows like Milan Fashion Week too. My agency Sync Model has been around for 10 years now. We’ve had huge success getting our models booked and hired. Now we want to expand globally – open offices in New York, Milan, Paris. If we do that, the possibilities are endless.

For more on Sync Models click HERE

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SA’s iconic youth radio station Y is bringing back GRYND, a youth empowerment event presented with FNB bank. The 2024 event will focus on growing side businesses using digital platforms. There will be classes, panels and talks on June 1st at Atlas Studios in Johannesburg. Speakers will share tips on topics like e-commerce, monetizing your passions, building your personal brand, content creation, gig work, music entrepreneurship, investing in yourself, athlete entrepreneurship and finance solutions. 

Y Managing Director Haseena Cassim, remarked, “GRYND is not merely another event, it’s a movement, one created to enable growth. By providing a platform for meaningful dialogue, interactive workshops, and engaging activities, GRYND delivers on the needs expressed by the market for empowerment and unlocks opportunities for financial independence.”

Don’t miss out on this transformative experience. Book your ticket now to secure your place at GRYND 2024.




Planning a new trip can be overwhelming, with lots of research to do. This is where Seamless Travel Agency comes in – they specialise in crafting unique trips tailored to each customer. Whether you want an exotic adventure or relaxing getaway, Seamless plans every detail so your travel is stress-free. Jeffrey Nkuna, the marketing director at Seamless, shares insights into travel trends and solutions.

Travel can be tricky – it’s easy to get lost, miss flights or book the wrong hotel. How does Seamless Travel help make trips stress-free and enjoyable?

Our team is insanely dedicated to training, from managers all the way down to new hires. We’re obsessed with always staying up to date on destinations and systems through constant pop-up trainings. That’s why clients feel so well-taken care of when talking to us compared to other travel agencies – our people are always learning.

What do you think are some of the mistakes travel agencies make and how to avoid them!

Many travel agencies don’t invest in staff education. They don’t provide trips for employees to experience destinations firsthand. This is a missed opportunity, as it would help staff better understand places and improve their work. Hands-on learning from trips could boost employee skills and benefit the business.

Travel agencies have to work hard to earn customer loyalty these days. With so many discounts and offers available online, it’s not easy to get people to choose you over the competition –  How easy is it to earn customer loyalty when customers have various options and bargains over the internet?

It’s not easy gaining new customers’ trust, with all the scams out there. You have to go above and beyond to get someone to spend with you the first time. But if you give a great deal and even better service, then they’ll keep coming back. Travellers especially stay loyal if you show your skills at finding deals and expertise. Treat people right that first time, and they’ll become lifelong clients.

Moreover, with easy access to information over the internet, travellers no longer depend on travel agents for their travel plans. How important is it for Travel agencies to provide information that is not generic and easily accessible on the internet? 

So you’ve seen those scams online about winning the lottery, right? People don’t always trust giving their info out over the internet, especially for big once-in-a-lifetime things they can’t afford like a honeymoon, proposal, big birthday bash, or job offer abroad. Best to chat with a travel agent face-to-face instead. That way you know they do this for work, and if anything goes wrong, you have someone to blame! Travel agents want to keep their good reputations too.

Finally, what type of Travellers/ customer does Seamless travel cater to?

Seamless Travel caters to both leisure and business travellers. We help people leaving South Africa with their travel plans – whether you’re young or old, we offer help booking trips 24/7.

For more details on Seamless Travel, click the link below.