I was born and raised in Pimville,Soweto, world unlike any other, one that is beautiful and sincere, rich in history, and where everyone’s story is unique and 
The years I spent at the University of Johannesburg,
 formerly known as the Rand Afrikaans Universiteit (RAU), exposed me to different yet exciting world, one that allowed me to discover and fully express myself, world where fear had no root and no flower of fear would
ever grow.
  Oncampus, was constantly surrounded by creatives, 
free- spirited people, artist, fashionistas, and models, and as result, became interested in fashion, beauty, 
art, and lifestyle.
This appeared timeless to me, and was not mistaken.

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  1. Congratulations to Dona on his brand, you always loved beautiful things and I guess this is the time you starting to Express yourself, I must say you surely doing a great job at it???

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