I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Siv and his progression from stand-up comedian to television host showcases what is possible with passion, dedication and an authentic voice. Sivuyile “Siv” Ngesi is one of South Africa’s most vibrant and versatile entertainers, possessing a multitude of talents that have allowed him to make significant impacts in the South African entertainment industry, traversing a remarkable path as an entertainer, evolving from humble beginnings as a stand-up comedian to hosting acclaimed television shows and establishing a production company “Our CompanY” that creates award-winning content for South African audiences.


MUZI: How has your journey been so far, and what would you consider your career highlight? From being a child star to presenting shows such as The Man Cave and Global travel show Wing It, to producing TV shows and plays at the National Arts Festival that received nominations for the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA.

SIV: Throughout my career, I have accomplished several noteworthy achievements and received multiple awards nominations. It is challenging to pinpoint a single career highlight; instead, I see all my experiences as part of my journey. Winning my first South African Film and Television Award after being nominated for three consecutive years for best presenter was undoubtedly one of my highlights. Being able to go on that stage, thank my mother, thank my friends, and truly celebrate and share a message on national television meant a great deal to me. Working with Viola Davis on The Women King was simply a groundbreaking experience and being part of that film. Thus, those two moments were definitely some of my favourite career highlights.

MUZI: What are you currently busy with?

SIV: I recently completed filming a movie for both the big screen and Amazon and in a few weeks I’ll be working on a Netflix project followed by producing a couple of movies that I will also be acting in. We’re getting in front of and behind the camera as much as possible, creating content and opportunities. Significant projects are on the horizon both internationally and locally.

MUZI: As someone who has followed you on social media, I know you share your genuine views, not what others expect. Many criticise you for it. How do you handle cyberbullying, especially from trolls?

SIV: Firstly, many judge me from all sides and it’s none of my business. Dogs only bark at moving cars, never parked ones. As soon as you’re doing nothing with your life, people have nothing to say, but when you start moving forward, people have things to say. So people’s opinions mean little to me except for those I’m close to, so I carry on doing what I want to do, I live my truth and my authentic truth. Cyberbullying is an issue, they do try it with me all the time, the internet is giving people a platform to put others down without showing their face. I actually miss the old days when someone says something, there were consequences.

MUZI: You mentioned in one of your interviews that you are really passionate about drag, which piques my interest; how did this come about?

SIV: I’ve always been fascinated by drag performance and any artistic form that allows people to express their creativity. For a long time, I observed drag from afar before participating myself. Many people don’t realise how difficult and important of an art form drag is, and how individuals around the world who try to make being queer illegal, especially throughout Africa. Therefore, for me, drag is just a very important art form that needs to be protected at all costs, and I have been performing drag for about two and a half years now, an experience that has transformed the person I am today.

MUZI: Finally, where to from here, and how do you want to be remembered?

SIV: There is plenty more to come, with lots of content production for various channels around the globe. I’ve been able to hire people and I look forward to hiring more talented friends to create films and television series that will show the world what is possible in South Africa. I’m so passionate about not just being remembered for my talents, but for changing lives.


By Muzi Ndziba

Muzi Ndziba | Joburg-based freelance journalist | content creator | Istyleblaq founder


Went to Pinelands High School with him and he’s always been an entertainer. Congrats to him and he’s achievements.

” Therefore, for me, drag is just a very important art form that needs to be protected at all costs, and I have been performing drag for about two and a half years now, an experience that has transformed the person I am today”. Hmmm Okay interesting lol

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