Crtve Development partners up with The Embassy Of Denmark in Pretoria

DEVELOPMENT (CD) is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Pretoria. “Through the WE!ARE campaign, we want to harness the power of art and creativity to change the narrative on climate change and development in Africa and bridge the gap between communities who will be most affected and policymakers who will determine our climate future,” said Dr. Okito Wedi, Founder and CEO of Crtve DEVELOPMENT.

The WE!ARE movement aims to inspire young people across the continent to share their vision of the Africa they want to see and to express their communities’ climate justice demands through creative mediums. 

The WE!ARE initiative is giving young Africans an opportunity to speak their minds, lead the conversation, and share their solutions on their terms. To get involved, visit or join the conversation on our social media platforms using the hashtag #AfricaByWe


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