EUPHONIK’S FANCY- DJ Talks Property Investment & Mentorship

If the DJ culture is religion, then Themba Nkosi, commonly known as DJ Euphonik, will be the Pope. DJ, producer, radio personality and real estate enthusiast has been able to reach heights that most people can’t imagine. The Hitmakers is one of the most  successful DJs to date, but that has come at cost . Talking to Istyleblaq, Themba (Dj Euphonik) shares insights on real estate investment and mentoring.

MUZI: You branched into the world of property investment and managed to build an impressive portfolio. Where did the love of property investment come from? 

EUPHONIK: It came from researching how to invest my DJ money into something that would grow the value and never lose what I initially put into it. The more I got into it, the more I loved it because it allowed me to expand on my creative side by converting spaces from nothing into something nice.

MUZI: We can’t ignore your advocacy on property matters. Why is it important for you to educate South Africans about the perks and pitfalls of homeownership? 

EUPHONIK: I made a lot of mistakes when I bought my first few properties and I’ve learned that if you get the numbers right on your first buy it makes it easier for you to buy the next property. We have a deep lack of knowledge and understanding about the property and I aim to make it easier, understandable, and more accessible to people so they get their first buy right.

MUZI: What should one know before investing in property?

EUPHONIK: The numbers make or break a deal in my opinion. Most people don’t understand interest rates, they don’t know that derby can be used as leverage and they don’t generally understand how the finance of property works. I feel if you get that right it makes everything else easy.

MUZI: You normally host private mentorship sessions focusing on music, residential property, and entrepreneurship. What does mentorship mean to you?

EUPHONIK: Mentorship is about learning the path from someone who has walked it. You don’t need to know them personally as you can watch from a distance and learn. My sessions are about helping people who want to learn from me about how I did it and continue to. It’s also one thing to know the path and understand the thinking behind it.

MUZI: Behavioural theorists believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning, and observation. What’s your take on this?

EUPHONIK: I agree with that. It also comes with making yourself uncomfortable and pushing your boundaries to the limits. You can never know enough or learn enough.

MUZI: What’s your definition of success?

EUPHONIK: Success to me is living a fulfilled life and doing the things you were sent to earth to do. It’s a personal thing and I know money has nothing to do with it from experience and from watching others who have done it live.

MUZI: What does black excellence mean to you?

EUPHONIK: I prefer to focus on excellence. I like to be at the top of my game rather than at the top of my race’s game.

MUZI: You’ve had a successful journey so far from a Club DJ, Radio Host, TV Presenter, and now property investor. What’s next for you?

EUPHONIK: Joy! Joy is beyond happiness and comes with peace. Those things are important to me. My path will always have music and property involved.

39 thoughts on “EUPHONIK’S FANCY- DJ Talks Property Investment & Mentorship”

      1. It always “amuses: me that once people have money they tell you that “riches” don’t bring joy! ??

        1. This interview has given me and I expect the rest of South Africa a different viewpoint of a DJ, its was inspirational well put together , much respect to the interviewer.

  1. Good job @muziwamandla. “I prefer to focus on excellence. I like to be at the top of my game rather than at the top of my race’s game”. I like this and that’s my MOTTO.

  2. This was a very informative piece, I thoroughly enjoyed and would love to attend Themba’s property seminars.

  3. Nice article, Just to add. One of the pros of owning an investment property is that you can rent it out. If you can get enough rent to cover your expenses you are effectively getting someone else to buy the property for you.

  4. Thulani Maseko

    Great interview Muzi. I appreciate the great length you have gone through to research Dj and the manner in which you have written this interview. I have no doubt that this will inspire many who wish get into property investments.

    Continue doing the work you are doing you will reap the rewards one day.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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