Faizel has over 20 years experience in retail and hospitality. He’s travelled a lot to gather experiences and ideas for events. We sat down with him to chat about his journey in the business so far and how much he enjoys bringing all that he’s learned to each new event he works on. Really seems to have a passion for what he does!

So you started David & CO, a leading bespoke events company. How did you get into the events industry in the first place? What made you want to start your own events company?

I was an investment diamond consultant for Browns Jewellers but one of my clients thought I’d be good at event planning. In 2018 we had coffee and he invited me to head up a project at Birchwood, where I brought my unique skills to the events team. After getting laid off in 2020 due to COVID, a new business partnership didn’t work out. That’s when I started my own company, David & CO, but couldn’t rely on my old Birchwood contacts.

I reached out to Offlimit Communications and they gave me my first big project with the Coca Cola Christmas campaign, even though I didn’t really know what I was doing. That’s how David & CO got started and we’re still going strong today.

You’ve worked with some of the biggest clients including Coca Cola, Sunbet and Konka. What would you say was your best event so far? 

My favourite event was the first Konka summer tour. It was held at Thaba Echo and it was my biggest event ever. I led the team really well and that’s where I met Anuq Wilson from Offlimit Communications. She changed everything because she believed in me. She gave me tons of projects. So the Konka tour was definitely my best event!

What skills do you think are necessary for being an event planner?

It’s important to plan your day and stay organised. Based on working with Anuq Wilson, I’ve learned that you need to write everything down – whether it’s in a structure, spreadsheet, or list. Make sure to follow your plan step-by-step from start to finish.

That brings up a good point because we often see the terms “event planning” and “event management”. What’s the difference?

David & CO’s point of difference is that we always make sure clients get what they want, which everyone says they do. But we do it with passion and fun. We see our offices as an extension of the client’s event. When you’re having fun and enjoying what you do, I guarantee the client will feel that happiness in the project too.

What advice would you give someone who is considering being an event planner? 

As an event planner, the best advice I have is to always check availability before presenting to clients. Don’t tell them you have 100 yellow tables if you only have two available that day. Make sure to verify what you have, lock it in for the event date, give the client a lead time, and don’t over promise what you can’t deliver. Always under promise and over deliver.

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  1. Devandré Lawrence

    Great article and very inspirational! Well done David&Co. Look forward to experiencing more of your events live in action!

  2. Rene

    Great article. Being thrown in the deep end after covid has really brought out the best in your craft. Stay true to yourself and I’m sure you will have even bigger wins in the future.

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