Kennedy Thal – Singer, Songwriter & Producer from Gaborone Botswana

Kennedy Thal originally from Gaborone Botswana, Born to a Motswana mother and an American father. His love for music and passion for playing piano began at the age of seven after he got his first ever keyboard. Thali’s music career got a kick-start when he entered a singing competition from Botswana “My Star,” and since then he has performed all over the world.

The singing competition’s alumni gave him the opportunity to study at any institution of his choice in Southern Africa and was fortunate to be accepted at SAE Institute in Cape Town to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Sound Engineering. Kennedy performed in several clubs around Cape Town in between his studies, and later released a mixtape. The musician is known for using Rihanna’s songs as covers for some of his songs, and has also compiled and written original songs.

Thal is more than just a good voice, The singer-songwriter is the epitome of fitness goals. 

Kennedy takes time to answer questions about his journey.

Muzi: How would you describe the music you typically make?

Kennedy: If I had to put my music into a genre I’d call it “soul pop”, which essentially is popular, mainstream music with a soulful vocal that isn’t overproduced and synthetic. I love lyrics. I love songs that read like a poem.

Muzi: What is your creative process like?

Kennedy: My creative process varies. Sometimes I go through my favorite producers online and find beats that stand out to me, however most of the time songs just come to me. My music is influenced by my experiences and not every song I write about is something I’ve gone through but something I’ve seen someone else go through, or something I’ve put someone else through, or something I aspire to go through.

Muzi: What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

Kennedy: My second love is Real Estate, My initial plan was to study something along those lines with the scholarship however my dad convinced me to follow my passion and I ended up enrolling for Sound Engineering. Even though music is my life, I would love to pursue Real Estate in the future. 

Muzi: You are currently a cast member of a musical production in Cuba. Are there any other projects that you are busy with? 

Kennedy: I’ve been with the same production company for four years now. I am fortunate enough to see the world through what I do as a performer. Besides that, I am independently making music and venturing into my own businesses this year. This pandemic has turned the world upside down so a lot of things are just hanging. 

Muzi: We met several years ago and you were just as skinny as I am! How did you get this amazing body?

Kennedy: A couple years ago, I was part of the “Dancing With The Stars Botswana” pilot which never took off (thank God, I can’t dance haha) and during the rehearsal process for the show we all got a free gym membership. One brave day, I decided to step out of the aerobics studio where we rehearsed and into the gym itself. The following day I got a personal trainer for three months and I never looked back. The rest is history.

Muzi: How do you keep in shape?

Kennedy: People often ask this question like there’s a magical formula to it. I just exercise consistently and try to eat enough to keep building muscle mass or at least keep maintaining it. There really is no secret formula. Sleep, eat, exercise, repeat. Obviously the diet and workout must be specific to your body type and goal but that goes without saying.

Muzi: You have a special relationship with your grandmother, what does she mean to you? 

Kennedy: Firstly, my grandmother is very funny. That’s the trait about her that stands out the most. She’s just always been a positive presence in my life for as long as I can remember. There are too many memories to single out one. Always making us laugh and always praying for everybody in the early hours of the morning. My grandmother is 94 years old this year and what is most amazing to me is her memory. She remembers everything. Don’t ever make her a promise thinking she’s old and she’ll forget because she won’t. And I know this from experience.

Muzi? Future plans?

Kennedy: My plan is move to LA this year, something I’ll have to play by ear now as this pandemic unfolds. I’ve never been in the same place for too long. I don’t like to get too comfortable. I have learned to push myself into the new and uncomfortable and as hard as it can be, it’s something I never regret. I want to settle down one day but right now, I’m still chasing my dreams and that’s at the forefront of my priorities.

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