I love unique, edgy and pushing the boundaries kind of fashion. I was having a flowing conversation about fashion, my friend asked me, ‘So Who your is your favorite designer?’ That was easy, Imprintza full stop, hands down, no freaking contest. 

This has to be one of my favorite local fashion houses, founded by Cape Town designer Mzukisi Mbane. The fashion label celebrates glamour and tells the stories of our African ancestors through iconic print, fabrics and historical points in time in order to create unique, futuristic and wearable clothing. I just love the brands use of colour, print and cut as their signature statement. 

The name “Imprint ZA” says it all, and that is to leave a mark or an everlasting impression. Mzukisi Mbane is an absolute genius. Every single collection from his fashion label is breathtaking and leaves me awestruck.



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