Lethabo Maboi aka Boogy – Brains Behind Styled By Boogy

‘Fashion comes and goes but style is timeless’.

Boogy Maboi dresses to the beat of her drum, following any style rule or fashion trend is totally off her radar. She’s inherently talented for putting the most unexpected items together and carrying them off to perfection. This is the only style personality that is almost impossible to pull off if it does not come naturally to you. Maboi describes her style as eclectic, bold, camp, and full of attitude.

Lethabo Maboi aka Boogy is a Fashion Stylist, and brains behind the fashion agency Styled By Boogy. Boogy’s first client was S.A rapper Khuli Chana and a UK streetwear label called Box Fresh. Since then, she has worked with brands such as MTV, Nike, Puma, Remi Martin, and Woolworths just to mention a few, and also styled some of the biggest names in Africa. She’s one of the most humble stylists and doesn’t focus on herself like other stylists or impose her style on client’s however, she believes in making her clients a better version of themselves. 

In 2020, Lethabo opened a wardrobe hire studio as a way to give back to the community in the hope of inspiring future stylists.

Boogy Maboi is our style crush, and we love her eye-catching, unique, eclectic, unpredictable, and authentic style. Style isn’t wearing clothes that are “not you” or being a slave to the latest trends. Style is about finding great clothes that work for you and your lifestyle.  

Instagram: @boogymaboi / @StyledByBoog

Twitter: @boogymaboi

Facebook: Lethabo Boogy Maboi

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