Letoya Makhene Pulumo – On Natural and Holistic Healing

More people are seeking natural products and complementary/alternative medicine to manage health symptoms, enhance quality of life, and holistically prevent illness/disease. However, deciding between traditional herbs or modern medicine can be challenging given western ideas dominate globally. Letoya Makhene Pulumo, known for her television roles and as director of House of Kgwedi (focused on natural healing), shares her perspectives on traditional and holistic health approaches.

Have you always believed in cultural practices in a world dominated by Christianity and western ideas, and how has your spiritual journey been so far? 

So,before initiation school, I wasn’t super into cultural practices. My family did thanksgivings and stuff, so it wasn’t totally new. But becoming a Sangoma really made me understand on a deeper level. My spiritual journey has been amazing. Marrying my wife made it even better too. She’s so supportive and passionate about my path. It’s really beautiful to have that kind of support.

What does African spirituality mean to you? 

African spirituality to me is a celebration of ourselves as Africans. It’s a celebration of who we are, our past, our forefathers, and traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation. It is a continuation of ancient traditions that help us to understand who we are and where we come from and it gives us a foundation and it grounds us.

What inspired you to open a place of natural healing, and who is your target market? 

The target market for the practice is people of all ages from all walks of life who need spiritual and traditional healing. The practice provides African traditional herbs, medicines and healing consultations. It was started after closing a previous practice called House of Nubia. The practice was inspired by my spirituality and identity as a healer. It has a separate physical location to provide a private space for consultations and treatments. In addition to African spiritual practices, the location also sells beauty products infused with traditional herbs.

What type of services does House Of Kgwedi offer? 

House of Kgwedi offers so many services. We offer readings, consultations, and healing to whatever the problem is that I have picked up and whatever the spirits guide me to use for the healing of my patients is the healing that I will give to them. It’s the assistance of a guide; I am a guide to people. Some people are trying to be earthed, some people are trying to go back to their roots at times and they don’t know where to start, so I assist in guidance. There is psychological healing, spiritual healing, and physical healing.

We are challenged by the choice of using African traditional herbs or modern medicine – What is the difference between the two? 

Traditional African medicines are derived from plant and herb based roots similar to ingredients used in western medicines. While traditional healers provide physical, spiritual and psychological healing, modern western medicine relies more on chemicals. Both traditional and modern medicine can co-exist to provide people with options based on their preferences. There is space for traditional healers, doctors and different healing methods in the world as they all provide valuable healing services in their own way.

House of Kgwedi


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