Nomsa Madida: A Formidable Presence in the Beauty Industry


Part of the celebration of black excellence involves recognising and appreciating black beauty. In our latest style feature, we highlight one of the most influential voices in the beauty industry, renowned make-up artist Nomsa Madida. With over a decade of remarkable experience in the field, Nomsa Madida has established herself as a formidable presence and a leader in the industry. She is the go-to makeup artist, with a portfolio that includes professional qualifications, an ever-growing career in the beauty industry, and a list of esteemed clients, magazine covers, and television appearances, among other accomplishments.

Her extensive expertise has enabled her to master her craft and become one of South Africa’s most sought-after makeup artists and image stylists. We extend our congratulations on her cosmetic range SasaCosmetics, a flagship range of locally-made products that has received excellent reviews. We wholeheartedly support and admire black-owned companies like hers.

Sasa Cosmetics Website


By Muzi Ndziba

Muzi Ndziba | Joburg-based freelance journalist | content creator | Istyleblaq founder

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