Rosette Ncwana Pops the Prosecco in Italy

Join Rosette Ncwana on a journey through space and time to immerse herself in the magic that is Valdo Prosecco

From Veneto to Venice, top South African model and reality TV personality Rosette Ncwana embarked on an incredible journey through Italy as a guest of Valdo Vinitalia.

Rosette was invited to join the “Win a Trip to Italy” competition winners Sonia Matos and her husband Federico Tozzi where they learned more about the wine-making culture that is native to the area on a magical trip to Italy. From vineyards to wineries, gardens to cobblestoned streets, limited edition Prosecco and private tours of Venice, Rosette together with Valdo, have set the bar particularly high.

Rosette has since returned from Italy where she is currently working on filming Young, Rich and African for Netflix where the latest season of this reality TV show is creating quite the buzz. Perhaps Rosette might pop the Prosecco on the big screen too.

Keep an eye on Valdo’s official social media for any new competitions they may be holding, you never know your luck.

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