We all want to see more models we can relate to, issues of inclusion and sustainability are still a major problem in the fashion space. Everyone has a part to play in the change we wish to see as there is no future in the fashion industry without collaboration and evolution. Here’s a modelling agency that’s doing it right, Lampost management is driven by originality, diversity and excellence. This month we highlight fresh faces, not your typical commercial faces however, faces that are relatively different (unique) and diverse. 

Meet Sakhile Masinda

From: Johannesburg, Soweto 

Signed by: Lampost


As: Character Model 

For Bookings:

Model, Stylist and Co-founder of House of Saxo Sakhile Masinda is 100% unapologetically himself. With an Instagram & Facebook feed full of fashionable selfies and images that are visually pleasing, Sakhile has won my heart as well as others.

Sakhile takes the time to answer questions about his love of photography, modelling journey and what he hopes may be next.

Have you always been passionate about modelling and photography?

I never had an interest in modelling or imagined myself as a model but, I have always loved taking pictures. People would constantly tell me I should give modelling a shot and try face modelling however I wasn’t sure about it or paid attention to it, until I met Neo who is a professional photographer and now personal photographer. He literally escorted me to different model agencies and the rest is history (laughs). I have fallen in love with the industry and I see myself as a major player in the future.

What story do you hope to tell with your

I would like to tell my personal story, my journey and my experiences. And I want to show the world that as an openly gay man, I can be anything/anyone I want to be through photography and I won’t be afraid to be diverse and be unique and comfortable with the person I am.

What’s your best work yet? “favorite image”

This has to be my all time favorite image:

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself dominating in the modelling world and winning in the industry, I also want to be the best the business has to offer.


Images supplied by Sakhile


  1. Thabo

    Congratulations are in order Sakhile you really are telling a story of your life and of your dreams continue to shine. Keep the hustle going on. Doors are opening enter them with your eyes wide open. Kill them with success!!

  2. Thabo Makwe

    One of the sweetest and funniest Human Being! You are a True Definition of “Being” this one is for you run with it child! it’s written on the Stars! ✨?

  3. Sibongile Nhlapho

    You are destined for bigger things,may this journey be fulfilling.Congratulations my love,you truly deserve thee best.Truckloads of love❤❤❤

  4. Tshepiso

    Saks saks if it’s not you babes, then who?? All the best and we have ur support…nabantsi no phezulu banawe ngaso sonke iskhathi… go out there and do what you were born for…

  5. Mangi

    Wrong or right… To be a leader not necessarily that you must be famous or be out there, just do what you good people like us will follow… Umuhle Saks

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