Planning a new trip can be overwhelming, with lots of research to do. This is where Seamless Travel Agency comes in – they specialise in crafting unique trips tailored to each customer. Whether you want an exotic adventure or relaxing getaway, Seamless plans every detail so your travel is stress-free. Jeffrey Nkuna, the marketing director at Seamless, shares insights into travel trends and solutions.

Travel can be tricky – it’s easy to get lost, miss flights or book the wrong hotel. How does Seamless Travel help make trips stress-free and enjoyable?

Our team is insanely dedicated to training, from managers all the way down to new hires. We’re obsessed with always staying up to date on destinations and systems through constant pop-up trainings. That’s why clients feel so well-taken care of when talking to us compared to other travel agencies – our people are always learning.

What do you think are some of the mistakes travel agencies make and how to avoid them!

Many travel agencies don’t invest in staff education. They don’t provide trips for employees to experience destinations firsthand. This is a missed opportunity, as it would help staff better understand places and improve their work. Hands-on learning from trips could boost employee skills and benefit the business.

Travel agencies have to work hard to earn customer loyalty these days. With so many discounts and offers available online, it’s not easy to get people to choose you over the competition –  How easy is it to earn customer loyalty when customers have various options and bargains over the internet?

It’s not easy gaining new customers’ trust, with all the scams out there. You have to go above and beyond to get someone to spend with you the first time. But if you give a great deal and even better service, then they’ll keep coming back. Travellers especially stay loyal if you show your skills at finding deals and expertise. Treat people right that first time, and they’ll become lifelong clients.

Moreover, with easy access to information over the internet, travellers no longer depend on travel agents for their travel plans. How important is it for Travel agencies to provide information that is not generic and easily accessible on the internet? 

So you’ve seen those scams online about winning the lottery, right? People don’t always trust giving their info out over the internet, especially for big once-in-a-lifetime things they can’t afford like a honeymoon, proposal, big birthday bash, or job offer abroad. Best to chat with a travel agent face-to-face instead. That way you know they do this for work, and if anything goes wrong, you have someone to blame! Travel agents want to keep their good reputations too.

Finally, what type of Travellers/ customer does Seamless travel cater to?

Seamless Travel caters to both leisure and business travellers. We help people leaving South Africa with their travel plans – whether you’re young or old, we offer help booking trips 24/7.

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By Muzi Ndziba

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