The Joburg Film Festival is set to return in early 2024, bringing together filmmakers and movie fans from Africa and beyond. The festival aims to showcase local and international talent and celebrate the art of storytelling through film. It will take place in Sandton, South Africa over 5 days in February 2024, featuring screenings, workshops and networking events. The festival honors both emerging and established filmmakers, celebrating their groundbreaking stories and paying tribute to cinema legends who have left their mark on film history.

In the dynamic landscape of ‘Glocalisation‘ of media & entertainment, the Joburg Film Festival is a pivotal platform at the heart of Africa’s cultural and creative revolution. This sub Saharan African premier film festival & content market trade fair is set against the back drop of the continent’s rich stories and talent. It embodies the spirit of new Africa, one that is eager to showcase its creative prowess and engage in dialogue with the global community” stated Joburg Film Festival Executive Director Tim Mangwedi. ” Now in its 6th year, the Joburg Film Festival continues to celebrate the art of filmmaking. It brings together the best of African cinema, offering a window into the soul of a continent bursting with inspiring stories waiting to be told and heard on the international stage by Africans”.

Further details about the festival program, including featured films, special events, and guest speakers, will be announced in the coming months. Updates on ticket sales and participation guidelines for Joburg Film Festival in early 2024 will be shared across the Film Festival’s online platforms.

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The hashtags for the festival are #JoburgFilmFestival #JFF2024

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