SuitablyNorma – Emerging Fashion Brand To Watch

It’s always exciting to see emerging fashion labels. On the other hand, this emerging fashion brand is taking big steps like debuting at Nairobi Fashion Week and launching a new men’s collection. SuitablyNorma is a bespoke and sophisticated fashion brand founded by Norma Mngoma, a seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist. Fashion in 2022 is more about having a deeply original sense of personal style than being on trend. That’s why Suitablynorma offers unique looks that complement each individual’s style and personality. 

You have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT) and worked for many years as an executive in one of the big IT organisations, Gijima; You are also known for your charitable work, having established the Norma Mngoma Foundation. What sparked your interest in the fashion industry?

I’ve worked in IT for a long time and people don’t like to dress up, so I saw an opportunity and decided to launch my own clothing line to appeal to people who don’t like to dress up. For example, when the biggest annual IT conferences take place, most people want to be formal but don’t know where to get suits or special clothing. As a result, I saw a gap and decided to offer services such as tailored suits and personal styling. 

I also have a large corporate clientele that includes lawyers and doctors. Most people in the above professions don’t have time to shop because they are either in court or practicing. However, if they know that there is a place, they can call, ask for something special for a specific event, and have a tailor come to their home or office; and have fittings in their own comfort space, they don’t worry about what to wear or how to dress and just go about their business. To answer your question, that’s what sparked my interest in fashion.

Let’s talk about your SuitablyNorma clothing line, how it came about and what the brand stands for.

SuitablyNorma is perfect for you. As previously mentioned, we offer services such as dressing and styling people according to their personal style. Our bespoke suits are designed from scratch; It’s up to our clients what they want and I help a lot with my client’s style; Colour matching (day or night colours or colours for winter or summer) and designs based on customer’s body shape. So I always give advice. This is how our fashion line was created, which is influenced by the fit, because the clothes have to fit you.

This clothing line is designed for people who want to dress comfortably. I don’t like clothes that make you feel uncomfortable, but I do like clothes that are comfortable and functional; We use high quality fabrics that can go to dry cleaning at least 5 or 10 times. Our fabric is now breathable in the summer, so the fabric needs to be breathable so you don’t get too hot when wearing a suit.

Congratulations on your latest men’s collection, I love the men’s luxury tuxedo collection. Tell us more about it and what we can expect from SuitablyNorma in the future.

Our latest collection is inspired by the spring season, so there are lots of bright colours. I hadn’t thought about a men’s line since I started, until one of my close friends, Mohale Motaung, and my business partner, with whom I own a news platform in Dubai, talked me into it. So four months ago the three of us got together and came up with a spring collection for men. 

We are currently working with clients from East London, Swaziland, Botswana, The Netherlands and China to name a few and we intend to expand and have a client base in other areas. There is also some work in progress, which you will learn about in the near future.

How can my readers get their hands on your custom made clothing line?

We can be reached on Whatsapp, Instagram and our website and you can place orders by email. If you are not in South Africa we have a standard template that we have sent out to everyone and you can go to any seamstress and give us your measurements.




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