THANDEKA KHOZA – Jo’burg Socialite Talks Fashion & Style

Thandeka Khoza’s images on instagram are eye catching thanks to her effortlessly cool, thrown together style. Now my interest has turned into a fully fledged fashion crush, so I thought it was about time I found out more.

istyleblaq caught up with the fashionista to chat about her fashion sense. 

MUZI: How would you define your style?

THANDEKA: My style is effortless and evolving. I don’t like being boxed into one classification of “what my style is” My style is my “mood”. My style is my “feels”, my style is my “vibe”. So whatever mood or feel or vibe I’m in, I respond to it and dress accordingly. 

MUZI: What does personal style mean to you?

THANDEKA: To me, personal style means “Which Thandeka are you getting today?” *laughs*. It’s a personal expression of who I am on a daily basis. Like I said, my personal style is aligned and influenced by my daily mood and feels. For me it’s really about what I identify with from the moment I wake up, and decide what to wear for the day. 

MUZI: Do you agree or disagree with the following fashion statement “You can’t buy style, but you born with it”. 

THANDEKA: Cliché as it is, I do kind of agree with this statement. It’s just one of those things, you either have it or you don’t.

MUZI: Why is fashion important to you?

THANDEKA: Fashion is important to me because that’s what people see first before they even engage with me. They don’t get to see my beautiful heart (it truly is beautiful) *LOL*, they see what I’m wearing first. And usually that’s what sparks conversations. You know how it goes ‘oh that’s a lovely blazer you have on ‘the conversation begins. It’s important because so many things have been created through fashion. I have created genuine friendships through fashion, great contacts, and businesses through fashion. So it’s not just about looking good but so much more. 

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