Thapelo Mokoena discusses Bakoena’s new Beard Care range

Male grooming is becoming more visible in popular culture, with more and more men taking an interest in their personal appearance, which is great for individual confidence – and don’t forget about hygiene! Thapelo Mokoena, an actor and TV producer, recently announced the launch of the Bakoena Beard Care range on Instagram, so we spoke with him to find out more.

The Bakoena brand believes that the greatest way to make a statement is to act like the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time). A man’s sense of pride is often represented by his beard, so it’s important for him to take care of it properly in order to look and feel good. The Bakoena range offers products specifically designed to give your beard a boost, such as their Beard Wash cleanser that removes dirt and grime without stripping any natural oils and their luxurious Beard Butter blend made from mango and shea butter – perfect for nourishing your hair follicles while maintaining texture!

Muzi: Congratulations on your new Beard Care range, what inspired you to go in this direction?

Thapelo: I was drawn on this journey by a personal solution to my eczema until I met Jared Hines, my business partner and skin wellness expert. I was amazed by his understanding of organic ingredients and eventually, he created a natural treatment just for me – and it worked!

Since making the switch to natural products, I’ve noticed that most of the items in my bathroom aren’t appropriate for my climate or aren’t made locally or on a continental scale. This curiosity drove me to create a grooming line that focuses on African beards that are prone to ingrown hairs due to their length and that are prone to bulging due to darker skin tones – making them accessible to all.

Muzi: Grooming is often associated with women and femininity, and most men disregard it because it may compromise their masculinity. What’s your take on this?

Thapelo: In this day and age, it’s short-sighted to view things from a socially-driven perspective; now, it’s all about wellness. Conversations revolve around health, vitality, and sustainability -and grooming is a part of this too.

We’ve given such a negative definition to grooming, treating it as nothing more than a time-consuming activity to look “pretty” or “hot”. But in actuality, grooming is self-care; it’s about loving yourself and taking good care of your body. It doesn’t compromise masculinity–it’s actually about preserving and enhancing the wellness of your skin, beard and face. We should all be proud of taking care of ourselves.

Muzi: What does male grooming mean to you?

Thapelo: It means striving to be the best version of yourself as a man, and I believe that when you look at our product as Bakoena Brands, there are values that speak to the type of man that we’re speaking to.

At Bakoena Brands, we strive to help men become the best versions of themselves. We represent the values of being a man, husband, father, brother, and lover, and we want our products to be something that every African household can relate to. Our tagline “The feeling of home” is what we want our customers and tourists to experience when they use our products.

Muzi: What’s next for the Bakoena brands now that you have added cosmetics?

Thapelo: It may be a bit premature to ask, but we just welcomed our second child into the world and it is an amazing journey that lies ahead. I’ve spent the past two years working to make this venture a success and I’m proud to say that it has a long lifespan – longer than my own life! We are grateful for each person who has joined us, as well as those who have purchased our product. As we continue to grow and flourish, let’s take care of the African home one product at a time.

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