Trevor Stuurman | Trailblazer shaping the African Narrative

There are thousands of artists out there working hard to create compelling art, but here’s one artist who stands out as one of the best story tellers. The work of Trevor Stuurman could be easily summed up as, ​’Art is a visual language’. The award-winning Contemporary Multimedia Visual artist holds a BA (HONS) degree in Motion Pictures from AFDA. He’s well known for using art to tell authentic African stories, and these stories inspire him to find the best scenery to create a film or photography that will represent a theme narrative.

Trevor’s work is far – ranging from working with brands like MINI, Standard bank and Laurence Airline just to mention a few. He’s also collaborated with artist such as Black Coffee, African Rhythm, Beyoncé and Nelson Makamo. In addition, he’s captured big names from the likes of Naomi Campbell, Imaan Hammam to  Kendall Jenner. Trevor Stuurman’s success in recent years deserves celebration, and the fact that his work is about Africa and creates a better understanding of what the continent is…it’s just amazing.

Trevor Stuurman

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